We Maintain It

We will be happy to speak with you about repairs and maintenance of your current low voltage Tucson landscape lighting system.

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Welcome to Tucson Landscape Lighting

Tucson Landscape Lighting is a locally owned and operated business offering re-lamp, repair, maintenance, design and installation of low voltage landscape lighting systems, and LED conversions. We use high-quality commercial-grade products for durability and long life. Tucson Landscape Lighting serves the greater Tucson area, Marana, Dove Mountain, and Oro Valley.

Tucson Landscape Lighting specializes in turning your clunky old lighting system into a high-efficiency LED system that will give you years of beautiful, hassle-free landscape lighting. Our LED re-lamp service includes installation of commercial grade LED lamps, cleaning of fixtures and lenses, straightening and re-aiming fixtures, assuring fixtures and connections are water tight and relocating fixtures if necessary.

Call us today to set up a free consultation. We would love the opportunity to talk with you in person about your landscape lighting needs. Please call us at (520) 906-0239.

Let Us Light Your Night!

We would love the opportunity to talk with you in person about your landscape lighting needs.

Please call Jim at (520) 906-0239.

Why Choose Us?

Tucson Landscape Lighting knows how to enhance the beauty and safety of your property to extend its usefulness and increase its value — bringing light to your night.

Landscape lighting, or light-scaping, is as much art as it is technical skill. We design each landscape lighting system to meet your specific needs, goals, and tastes with beauty in mind.

Up Lighting
Down Lighting
Back Lighting
Highlight of Focal Point
Underwater Lighting
Cross Lighting
Path Lighting
Silhouette Lighting
Mirror Lighting
Safety Lighting

To create these effects we always use professional grade outdoor lighting fixtures, transformers, and accessories. We offer a broad selection of styles, finishes and colors to add long lasting sophistication and elegance to any home or commercial landscape.

Clients can have the confidence in the products we use. In our desert climate we need outdoor fixtures that can survive our sustained, intense heat so Tucson Landscape Lighting will only install top quality fixtures and lamps. The products we install are made by Vista, FX, AMP, CLS, Unique, and others. These manufacturers all provide generous support and back-up.

Our years of landscaping experience and artistry, our commitment to quality and value and our free, on-on-one personal design consultation and proposal process — are all good reason to choose us.

Why Light the Night?

Low voltage lighting extends the BEAUTY of your landscape beyond what you see during the day. Areas once shrouded in darkness become dramatic, romantic — even mysterious scenes. A fountain, an architectural feature, or specimen plant can become FOCAL POINTS to enjoy from inside your home or from the street.

Interesting branching patterns appear from nature’s sculptures. Flowers and trees come to life.

Enchanting pathways GUIDE you with soft pools of light.

Landscape lighting also extends the boundaries of your home interiors to include patios, children’s play areas and pools, offering ambient light for nighttime playing, dining, and entertaining.

Properly placed landscape lighting offers SAFE PASSAGE from one area to another. Hazards like steps, low-hanging or thorny vegetation, abrupt changes in elevation can be made safe for nighttime use of homeowner’s and their guests.

It is a proven fact that a well-lit landscape offers SECURITY because it will deter potential intruders by eliminating dark areas and shadows that would help conceal a prowler’s movement around the property.

Landscape lighting offers all-around VALUE to the homeowner. It extends the use of the property, offers artistic beauty and increased safety — all while providing an excellent return on your INVESTMENT, as it creates a marvelous first impression when viewed by family, friends and possible prospective buyers.

Why Switch to LED?

You’ve converted your home to LED lamps, now it’s time to convert your landscape lighting to LED. Most halogen or incandescent landscape lighting fixtures can easily be converted to LED.

Here are three great reasons to make the move to LED

  1. EFFICIENCY! LEDs use up to 75% less energy, sometimes more! A 4.5 watt LED lamp will cost about $2.19 per year to operate, an equivalent 20-watt halogen lamp will cost about $8.76 per year to operate (based on $0.12/KWh and 3650 hours of operation).
  2. LONGER BULB LIFE! 40,000 hrs+ burn time, is a typical rating for LED lamps, you may not replace a lamp for 13, or more, years! Halogens are rated at 2000-5000 hours of burn time, so you’re replacing lamps every year or two.
  3. ADD MORE LIGHTS! A 300-watt transformer will support about (13) 20w halogen fixtures. That same 300-watt transformer will support up to (57) 4.5w LED fixtures!(depending on cable runs and voltage drop calculations).