Just after checking out of the office, yesterday, Rain started to knock on my roof with his silvery knuckles.

” Hello! ” Was the friendly greeting,  “I’m back.  Can you come out and play?”

A visitation from Rain is an EVENT in Tucson.  Knowing it would be brief, I  ran –yes– RAN — for my camera and headed to the patio door.  Here is what I saw him doing to our garden! 

I know there are some people who see Rain often enough to think of him as a nuisance, rather than a time to celebrate and take photos of his puddle play. 

Some people wouldn’t walk around their garden snapping photos as though it was the last time they would EVER get to see Rain again! But If I hadn’t been such a rain enthusiast, I would have missed this:


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  • What great photos! Love the one of the bird!

  • Ahhhhhhh….. I so understand the joy one feels in the midst of raindrops. As a desert dweller too, I thank you for the refreshment. Even though your monsoons do not reach this far north you’ve made it possible for me to partake via your beautiful pictures! I love the dove’s ‘diamond’ adornment.

    • jimslandscape
      June 29, 2012 6:38 pm

      Wendy, Joanna, I’m glad you enjoyed it. This dove is so precious…she is steady as a rock and lets me get close enough to touch her!

  • Your Summer friends are great. You are so lucky.


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