This morning greeted me with newness.


Mexican Primrose

The month when flowers take the leading role in our garden.

And the sky’s expansive canvas fills with color.


And the air’s soft presence thrills with scent.

Star Jasmine

As the calendar turns to May 1st, people all over the northern hemisphere celebrate the awakening of Spring’s fresh start.
And for me — this year — that celebration included my first May Basket Delivery.

The history of the May Basket is as old as dirt, apparently. Summed up: everyone, everywhere celebrates Spring!

 I like the way Louisa May Alcott describes May Day in her book, “Jack and Jill” (Chapter 18):

“The job now in hand was May baskets, for it was the custom of the children to hang them on the doors of their friends the night before May-day; and the girls had agreed to supply baskets if the boys would hunt for flowers, much the harder task of the two. Jill had more leisure as well as taste and skill than the other girls, so she amused herself with making a goodly store of pretty baskets of all shapes, sizes, and colors, quite confident that they would be filled, though not a flower had shown its head except a few hardy dandelions, and here and there a small cluster of saxifrage.” 

So, this morning, as I drank my coffee — with Facebook at my fingertips, I read the following post by a dear friend from Green Circle Grove. She said: “May Day~did you ever make cones out of wallpaper samples, fill them with flowers, hang them on a doorknob and RUN? Did you ever receive a May Basket?”  

My answer to both questions was “No!”  ~ Inspired to make one ~ I immediately began to gather my supplies:

Craft Paper


I found some craft paper left over from another project , rolled it into a cone shape and taped it in a few places; cut a plastic sheet protector and taped it inside the cone.

May Day cone

I used an upholstery needle to weave ribbon around the circumference of the cone. 

May Day cone

Now it was time to grab the pruners and gather the ladies of Spring. In our garden, there were many choices. 


I settled on oleander for structure, jasmine for scent and primrose for whimsy.

 Now for the handle — a piece of wire did the trick.

May Day Cone, assembly

And with a little water…

May Basket_water

I was ready to deliver my May Basket.

According to tradition, the basket should be delivered with stealth, and I really should have obeyed.

 But, as a blogger taking photos, I gave a head’s-up to the Mommy of the recipient –just to be sure she was dressed.

May Basket on the door




And she was dressed!

IMG_7859 Isabel's first May basket

In pink and polka dots!



“Summer is coming, oh, summer is near
with the leaves on the trees and the sky blue and clear
small birds are singing their fond notes so true
and wild flowers are springing in the May morning dew”

-old folk song

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  • Wonderful!

  • Sheila Menendez
    May 1, 2013 9:37 pm

    What a lovely beginning, middle, and end. Thank you for sharing your perspective, your words and how to make a May basket!

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.

  • Katie/Maple Grove
    May 2, 2013 1:23 am

    Oh, this is such a wonderful idea. I heard of it once upon a time, but I’ve never done it. Maybe next year! Thanks for sharing! ~Katie

    • stepintoourgarden
      May 2, 2013 5:45 pm

      I’m addicted, Katie. I delivered another one to the lady next door this morning. (PSSST the lady next door is our youngest daughter, and it is her birthday.)

      So, I have determined to start a new tradition:
      Any-Day baskets!


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