I’m finding the task of making a new wreath every month for 12 months to be a fun challenge! So far they have been easy, inexpensive and attractive.

This month was a different story, and I believe if you read this post to the end, my Christmas Wreath will make you snicker.

You wouldn’t think that a Christmas wreath would be hard to come up with. A pretty boxwood wreath would certainly be lovely.  Boxwood is a hardy shrub and grows almost everywhere, making it readily available.  We have several Japanese boxwood plants in our garden and in pots, so I could certainly have made my own, using instructions provided in this video by Martha Stewart.   The wreath below is available for sale on Etsy, BTW.

Evergreen branches are also available everywhere this time of year.  So, I could have made an evergreen wreath like the one below.

If you click on the source link, you will find a wreath-making tutorial.

Oh, and the love, love, loveliness of a wreath made from inexpensive Christmas Balls!

Any of these can be made quickly and cheaply from readily available materials. But I wanted to craft something unique.

So, off I went to Michael’s. And home I came with my materials, which included a MDF wreath form, 14  glittery letters, and a super long, super lush white pipe cleaner. The idea was to avoid spending big bucks on the landfill polluting Styrofoam rings. I knew I had some white paint at home.

And I knew I had some leftover glitter.

Before the big reveal, I need to explain that Jim and I grew up in the 60’s.

My family had an aluminum tree like this one…

…with a creaky  kaleidoscope fixture , changing it from blue, to red, to yellow.

Every time the subject comes up, Jim seems jealous of our aluminum tree. He has a wee bit of Charlie Brown in him.

Anyway…in the spirit of Christmas…keeping in mind my quest for individuality…remembering my 1960’s roots and the desire to wish my neighbors and blog-readers a Merry Christmas… Here is the big reveal of my Retro Merry Christmas Wreath, circa 2012.




 Here it is at night.

Snickering yet?

No? Then Click on the link below.

Our Santa Doing a Happy Dance

Merry Christmas from us to you!

Christmas wrieath and deer

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  • Katie/Maple Grove
    December 21, 2012 6:57 am

    So cute and clever Becky. Your posts are always so much fun to read! Thank you for sharing, and Merry Christmas to you and your family! ~Katie


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