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Here are some of my garden inspirations for 2013:

First, I must finish reading the book, Vertical Vegetable Gardening, by Chris McLaughlin.

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: ALPHA (December 31, 2012)
ISBN: 978-1615641833

Vertical Vegetable Gardening

Better yet:

I must read the book all year, and keep it handy, because it is full of easy to follow, easy to understand instructions and ideas for growing upwards, growing smart, and growing well.  The chapter on ‘Creative Repurposing’ is right up my alley. 

But first, I must create the recipe for the Compost Sandwich on page 119.

compost sandwich

I have a garden plot available to me that is about 15 x 15 and I’ve been struggling with the poor soil and invasive grass.  McLaughlin’s recipe will be a fun and simple fix for both issues. 

The owner of the above-mentioned space has eight, 3 foot long planters available that we’re going to use to help create a boundary for our garden beds. The rest of the border will be made from cinder blocks, as explained in the chapter entitled  ‘Make Your Own bed,’ pages 47-48

In the past two years we’ve made about 300 gallons of rich compost out of  kitchen scraps, dryer lint, eggshells, coffee grounds, newspaper, leaves, vacuum dust and grass clippings — nourishmet for our soil — all in our tiny suburban garden space. We have had such great success with our easy trash can compost bins that I want to add another one. Vertical Vegetable Gardening has heaps of information on composting, and McLaughlin even refers to it as an ‘art.”  I always wanted to be an artist, but never imagined my medium would be dirt. 

Compost 11-15-12

And my dream for the past two years has been to install a rain barrel or two.  But not unless I can make them pretty , like these:

Pretty Rain Barrels


I cant wait to get started on 2013.

What about you?


Post Script:

After reading this post, a gardening friend offered me some COMPOST TEA.  Doesn’t that sound like a perfect compliment to my Compost Sandwiches?  I think so!  You can find his recipe here: THE REDEEMED GARDENER.

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