For the past few years, I’ve chosen a word to ponder for the next 365 days. Last year’s word was OPEN.  It is amazing how many times the word influenced my choices.  This year’s word is STEP, a good word to follow open, because it continues the action of moving forward.  As a gardener, I enjoy the process of growth; a plant that does not grow is not alive.

Grow we must.

To move forward is imperative.

Please join me as I share a few highlights of what my word of the year: STEP, and my project of the year: 365 photos have produced, thus far.

…interesting photos

… eggs to share with others

…making art and onions from stuff I used to throw away

…enjoying my oldest hobby

…developing our Facebook page

…combining new enterprises with the tried and true

…viewing life from the eyes of a 3yr old

…looking at things in new ways through the lens of a camera

…remembering to give credit to God for the MANY and varied blessings in my life

…boring and/or delighting my peeps with photos of  eggs

…sneaking pics of Jim

…learning about some of the “old ways”

… like, making bone broth and preserving herbs

…decorating the chicken’s house

…catching rainbows with  grandchildren, while making fond memories.

Last evening I told Jim that I don’t deserve to be having so much FUN…

It’s true, I don’t deserve anything —  every perfect gift that comes to me from God is a blessing …not a reward.

What a JOY life is when  taking steps with God, enjoying his creation…

… and playing with his children!