Today began as usual — a blessed morning filled with possibilities.  While cleaning up breakfast — Jim’s yummy blend of fresh eggs from the backyard, potato, peppers, green onion, garlic and cheese — I noticed that our spice cabinet looked like it needed some attention. The lazy Susan’s were jumbled and be-specked, and upon investigation, I found that a few jars of  herbs were  past their “use by” date.  I have fresh herbs growing in the garden, so I decided to recycle them.

Not so long ago, I would have sent these expired items into the trash without another thought.


 …before eight chickens, compost bins and recycle bins offered better options for kitchen scraps and trash. So, this morning, the old dill and black pepper went into the kitchen compost catcher under the sink.






The oregano and sage added their aromas to the nest box with Miss Piggy, the broody Orpington hen.





As I prepared to put the plastic containers into recycle bin… I had an idea: why not make them into plant starters?  Their shaker tops would make great little “frogs” to hold cuttings for the new herb plants I’ve been wanting to start.

I got to work, using hot, soapy water to remove the evidence from their former life.






The great part about them is that the tops offer little holes for the cuttings.


I snapped the flip-up lid off this one, leaving a pretty, blue screw on top.

Another one began its new life on the kitchen countertop with my lemon water.

Isn’t it amazing how many ordinary days, or old things can become extra-ordinary when we begin to think about other ways they can be useful?  An old thing, myself, it makes me happy to think of new uses for things;  it gives me hope that I may continue to be useful in new ways too.  May your life grow new shoots today as you consider your options.

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