Dear neighbors,


Last July I allowed our broody hen to sit on (and hatch) two fertile eggs.
 Blessed nest_watermarked


I knew that it was 50/50 that one would be a boy.


 Contented Chicklets



Can you guess which one? I sure couldn’t.


Tweety  on top_ boost


Broody Momma taught them everything about living in our garden chicken pen.


Eat this, not that.


 They were attentive to her every sound and movement.


Broody Momma teaching chicklets


They paid little attention to me, however, as I visited daily, constantly snapping photos.




They even posed once in awhile.


 Chicklets_6 weeks old
I gave them generic names: Tweety and Blue.​


Tweety and Blue @ 12 weeks

And then, one began to show certain” signs.”
Jim said,”You’ve got a rooster there, Beck.”


I lived in denial.


Tweety is so cute!


Tweety is so cute

​I asked a few Facebook experts
–who all said the same thing:
“It’s a boy.”


It's a boy!


​And then It happened:


 Tweety crowed.

Garden Rooster Statue

I think I’ve located a new home for him. It might take a few weeks to make the transfer. Please let me know if he is bothering you. So far he’s only crowed a couple of times each day, and not super early in the morning.
Actually, he’s scared of all the girls.

Click below to hear him crow.